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With over three decades of experience in writing short stories and novels, Robert Craven is a highly accomplished author based in Dublin, Ireland. His Eva series, which includes titles such as "Get Lenin," "Zinnman," "A Finger of Night," and "Hollow Point," has received widespread acclaim and numerous four and five-star reviews on both Amazon and Kobo platforms.

In addition, Craven's novel "The Road of a Thousand Tigers" reached #1 on Kobo downloads during the summer of 2019 in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Aside from being a talented writer, Robert Craven is also a former touring musician and a respected reviewer for the Independent Irish Review Ireland. As a member of the Irish Writer's Union,

Robert Craven is an active member of the writing community and continues to inspire and engage readers with their compelling and imaginative storytelling.


All of Robert Craven's work is 100% human input. No AI content within.

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